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Jan 23, 2012


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The observed life, the life reflected on, is so much better than the waking life! Or are they the same?

I love this description of me, it's perfect:

Even the domesticated four legged animals had lost the lust for sight with their fat bellies,overflowing bowls and constant search for the missing ingredient.

And this is just wonderful writing:

I love the rain. Not for the voids that it fills, but for the voids that it exposes, and holds, witnesses.

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Things I love

  • Againstthestream.org
    Buddist meditation fellowship. For those who would like to awaken.


  • wonderful designer!!!
    her use of nature as inspiration for her creations is both edgy and humble - she pays homage to things like " shadow" in her design work. lovely
  • Attachment parenting
    This is not only a way of life or philosophy, but an awakening to a reality that we can change our world one child at a time.
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